DIY Earbud Holder

DIY Earbud HolderHaving long earbud cords is great because they let you move around a bit and you don’t have to worry about yanking out the plug because of sudden movements. But there are times when those long cords become a hassle. There are some great earbud carry cases, including over 160 college logo BudBags – mini earbud duffles.

To go the DIY route, we found this great idea from Instructables! A DIY earbud holder is a welcome sign that someone cares about your plight. Here are the instructions that will make you one and end all your cord-related frustrations.

To make DIY earbud holder, you only need a few things. An old credit card (or something of the same material and size), scissors (strong enough to withstand the abuse of plastic), an X-Acto knife (optional), and a hole puncher (a great convenience!). To start off, take the credit card and cut it in half with your scissors, lengthwise. To avoid accidentally stabbing yourself with the holder in the future, round out the corners to the best of your abilities. If you really want to get into it, finish the edges with some course sanding paper.

Next up, cut two notches into the sides with an X-Acto knife. If you’re holding the card lengthwise, one notch will go on the upper left, the other, on the lower right (or vice versa). Angle the notches in a way that you connect them with an imaginary straight line. Make sure that the opening of each notch is just big enough to slip the cord in. And make sure that the main notch itself is big but still smaller than the plug. If your carving skills are not up to par, use a hole puncher to make the job easier.

What you now have is your very own earbud holder. To get your cord into order, put the plug end of your earbuds through one notch, and wrap the cord around the credit card. Keep wrapping until you get the earbuds, which you will tuck into the other notch. You may now enjoy your new tangle-free existence.

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