DIY Snowboard Headphones

DIY Snowboard Headphone BeanieThere are times when you’re hitting the slopes when you just want to listen to music, whether it’s to get yourself in the mood or sustain a cruising feel. Listening to music with headgear on, however, is always a problem. Full-sized over-the-ear cans are too big for comfort, and earbuds either come off or need constant readjustment. There are beanies out there with built-in headphones, but you can always get away with making your own. That way you can save your money for other snowboard gear, and get cool points for making something so convenient from scratch.

M3G posted this great how-to and images on Your DIY snowboard headphones only need a few materials to come into being. Those would be an old beanie, old or cheap over-the-ear headphones, needle and thread, fabric, and pliers (or something you can use to disassemble the headphones). DIY Snowboard Headphone materials

Cut up the headphonesYou’re going to be removing the speakers first. To do so, break apart the headband to expose the wire that connects the two speakers. Proceed carefully with this step; you don’t want to damage the wires. The next step is to free the speakers from their housings, which you can do by snapping them apart (with or without the aid of pliers). Separate the body completely from the speakers and the connecting wire, and take out any other excess plastic.

Turn the beanie inside out and prepare the speakersYou’re now going to prepare the beanie for the speakers. Flip the beanie inside-out and fit it. Mark the parts where your ears are with a circle, using some chalk or other marker on the fabric. Remove the cap from your head, still inside-out.

Stitch the headphones to the beanieFinal stitching

Now is the time you’ll be stitching the speakers to the beanie. Take one speaker and place on top of the area you marked out earlier. Get your fabric and cut a piece large enough to cover the speaker. Now, sew the fabric to the beanie, keeping the stitching as close to the speakers as you can. Cut off any extra fabric. Do the same for the other speaker.

Try the beanie on to check if you’ve sewed the speakers in the right places. Now would be the time to make adjustments. Once you’re comfortable with the placement of the speakers, cut out a rectangle from the fabric you have. Cover the connecting wire with it and stitch around the edges.

Plug in your headphones to your MP3 player and put on your beanie and gear. You’re now ready to hit the slopes!

Completed DIY snowboard headphone beanie


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