Toshiba Creates USB Ready Li-ion Battery for Fast Charging

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The European arm of Toshiba Electronics has some exciting news for users concerned with charger and how fast they can get gadgets to a full battery. Toshiba Electronics Europe (or TEE for short) has released the technology giant’s first high-current USB-ready Li-ion charger. It is currently one of the fastest chargers in the market, offering charging power that can reach up to 2 amperes.

The Toshiba TC7710WBG battery charger is manufactured using the company’s 0.13-nanometer mixed-signal process technology. How does this achieve a faster charging time? The TC7710WBG uses an efficient switching regulator core that works to optimize power efficiency and allow the quick dissipation of heat. All of which, when not properly engineered, lead to slower charging rates because of an inefficient process.

In addition to the successfully engineering higher efficiency and heat dissipation rates in the TC7710WBG charger, Toshiba’s mixed-signal process technology also contributes to the battery charger’s suitability for demanding DC-DC converter use where you need high-power density. The buck converter used to facilitate the DC-DC conversion is efficient enough to withstand up to 2.0 A of charging current. And encased in a tiny 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm enclosure, all that technology offers a lot of convenience with a portable form factor.

To state just how efficient the TC7710WBG battery charger is, Toshiba Electronics rates its peak efficiency above 90%. But with high-current charging, it’s important to note that users do run the risk of accidentally frying their gadgets. Toshiba guards from this unfortunate incident in its battery charger by installing a 5V USB adapter that controls the input current that goes through the switching regulator and into the Li-ion battery. Aside from lowering the initial input current, the TC7710WBG is capable of managing the changing charging profiles to deliver the best charging duration and reliability for a particular gadget. USB On-the-Go, or OTG, is also supported by the charger, making it possible to juice up peripheral USB devices like a Pico projector.

There’s no word yet on the exact price per unit of the Toshiba TC7710WBG charger, but full-scale production for the battery charger is set to begin by May this year.

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