CableKeeps Marine Animal Mobile Device Cord Wraps

Nice-CableKeepsIt’s hard not to notice, but hardly anyone questions it. Most electronic accessories out in the market today come either in black, white, or some bland, predictable combination of the two. While there’s nothing wrong following a black and white color scheme, an occasional splash of color livens things up and takes some of the monotony away from standard design. Nice’s CableKeeps character plugs are an answer to this boredom with their bold blocks of color.

NibblesOriginally a Kickstarter project, the CableKeeps characters from Nice are an interesting way of putting some fun and color to an otherwise mundane and utilitarian electronic accessory: the charger. The CableKeeps range offers three models of charger jackets, each designed to look like a certain type of fish. The Goldie model looks (obviously) like a goldfish and comes in orange. The Nibbles model is lime green piranha with its jaws opened wide. And lastly, the Gulp model is a friendly-looking blue whale. Despite being set apart by color (it is possible to choose different colors for each model) and design, each model is also differentiated by their compatibility. Goldie is made to fit an iPhone charger, and Gulp and Nibbles work best with an iPad charger.

GulpThe CableKeeps character plugs are made to allow you to easily secure your charger and cable, hopefully leading to a tangle-free life in the future. If you have an iPhone or an iPod, then you’ll get to enjoy the secondary function of the CableKeeps character plugs as charging pedestals. The charger jackets are made in the USA products, with units coming from a factory somewhere in Woodinville, WA. The jackets are made from Santoprene rubber, which allows them to fit snugly on Apple chargers and allows you to bend and twist them whichever way to get them onto your charger.

GoldieThe CableKeeps character plugs are available on Nice’s official website, Each model retails at $16 per unit. There are also multi-packs of the Goldie and Nibbles available on the site. These multi-packs will run you up $60 each but give you the luxury of picking among a variety of colors.


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