DIY Mobile Charger from a Flashlight


Portable mobile chargers provide a useful boost for your gadgets when you’re on the road. While it’s easy to just go out and buy one, it’s always fun (and cheaper in the long run) to make your accessories, especially if you have the know-how. With DIY projects constantly appearing on the web, it’s easy to get the know-how, pair it with a set of tools, and set some time to get started. Creating your own durable, high power mobile charger just involves tinkering with a flashlight.

Making Your Own Mobile Charger

If you’re familiar with the DIY tech projects at Instructables, then you’ve probably come across the Mintyboost. It’s a mobile charger powered by a USB board and two AA batteries. It gets part of its name from the fact that its casing is a repurposed Altoids tin box. It’s a project worth taking up on another day.


What You Need

For this project, the main things you’ll need to get a hold of are a flashlight, a USB board exactly like the one for the Mintyboost, and a tinkering tool set with a solder. The Mintyboost board will be mounted into the part of the flashlight holding the bulb and reflector, so focus your efforts on this part. Disassemble the flashlight and take out its bulb and reflector. You’ll have to break the bulb because the USB board will end up drawing power from the bulb’s socket. After that, take the USB board and solder the bulb wiring onto it. Now, cut a rectangle onto the plastic that shields the bulb and reflector portion big enough to fit the USB jack of the Mintyboost board. You’re almost done. The last step involves stabilizing the USB board within the bulb area. You have a few options. You can either prop it up with a tiny block under the board or construct a four-prong setup that you can stick onto the flashlight’s plastic protector.

The advantages of repurposing a flashlight into a mobile charger are numerous. First, you don’t have to worry about the casing; it’s already built (just happens to be in flashlight form). Second, for more power, you can choose a flashlight that uses bigger batteries to power it. Third, since flashlights are practical objects, manufacturers take a special consideration concerning durability (making your mobile charger one tough cookie). Lastly, you’ve saved yourself some money and added a new skill to your collection!

Get full instructions from Mintyboost.

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