Will Loud Earbuds Be Outlawed?

Earbud-Volume-BanLike listening to your music with the volume cranked all the way up? If you’re walking the streets of the Big Apple, you may want to start looking over your shoulder soon because the earbuds police may come and get you. Forever proactive concerning health issues that plague New Yorkers on a daily basis, city mayor Michael Bloomberg is setting up for another health campaign attack, this time on earbuds.

According to reporter Marcia Kramer of CBS 2, the New York City mayor wants to keep the number of city dwellers suffering from significant hearing loss low. His new campaign is aimed at those people who blast their music while making their rounds in the city and plans to warn them about the dangers of the premature hearing loss that comes from such headphone and earbuds abuse.

Potential Risks of Listening At High Volume

To demonstrate how the potential risks of such hearing habits, officials state that an iPod cranked up to the max registers at 115 decibels. Our ears, however, are only meant to withstand without damage sounds below 85 decibels. Reckless listening habits are then a reasonable cause for concern for audiologists like Dr. Jayde Steckowych of New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia Presbyterian Center and Dr. Won Choe of ENT& Allergy.

From the observances of both doctors of their patients, they conclude that more and more young people are undergoing noise-induced hearing loss earlier and need hearing aids more than before. Dr. Choe goes on to state that one of the leading perpetrators of this trend in young people is the earbuds that get bundled with Apple products.

Why We Crank Up The Volume

Apple earbuds and other earbuds of lower quality have contributed to many cases of noise-induced hearing loss because of the fact that they don’t cancel out sound from a user’s surroundings well. As a result, users tend to increase the volume in order to hear the music and get rid of the background noise, which also exposes them to unsafe decibel levels.

Many New Yorkers argue that it doesn’t have to lead to an attack on people who blast their music. People who do so are in the minority anyway, according to a few New Yorkers interviewed by 1010 WINS. Some use noise-canceling earbuds, while others keep their volume at medium in order to hear what’s going on around them.

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