ChargeBite: When Mobile Chargers Go Social

chargebite-chargerAs you know, while there are many portable chargers on the market these days, they still need to be connected to a power source. What ChargeBite offers you is mobility, you can charge your phone’s dead battery anytime and anywhere as long as your friend shares his iPhone’s charge. Bring it with you anywhere you go; wear it as a keychain so it is with you at all times.

Whether you admit it or not, iPhones have revolutionized the way mobile phones are made. Most of the time, it’s all you’ll ever need—camera, music, videos, calendar, notes, and games. However, despite its greatness, one can never have everything. It always falls short of battery life. So here comes the revolutionary charger that allows you to power up your phone by using the power of your friend’s iPhones!

attach to keychainInvented by Liran Elihay and Asaf Gaber, ChargeBite is a charger about the size of a golf ball that does not rely on electricity to get your iPhone powered up. All you need is to get your friends to agree to share their power supply. You can then connect yours and your friends’ iPhones to the charger’s designated ports.

connected-chargebiteBut what if you friend does not want to share his power? Remember that the number one requirement for this charger to work is power from another phone. One must have a lot of convincing power to make this possible. IF your friend refuses for fear of draining his power, let him know that you won’t actually eat up all his power. I can only imagine how hard it would be to get my co-worker to let me eat up his battery power, just as he is ready to get on a plane.

However, ChargeBite’s intelligent system makes sure that you phone only charges until the power between the two phones, or three phones as the case may be, are equally divided. It makes sure that you have enough power supply to reach the nearest establishment to fully charge your phone’s battery, or to make an emergency call to 911. Now that’s justice!

But wait, there are downsides: 1) ChargeBite is the only device of its kind but it’s not out in the market yet, and 2) It is only compatible with older models of iPhone. Once Liran and Asaf have reached $45,000 to start mass production, we also wish they’d have an updated version. If you’re interested, you can pledge $20, $22, or $25, and choose from three colors: black, red and turquoise.


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