How To Tell Your Right Earbud From Your Left

AudioSpice earbudsEarbuds make taking the long bus ride home bearable – plugged into my phone and listening to my place. It makes the humdrum more bearable. Listening to music is a luxury. It’s a delight to the ears and soothing for the brain. It’s a lot of fun to and gives you the opportunity to get lost and forget everyday troubles even for just a while. Of course, there are lots of ways to listen to music and the prices for headphones range from just a couple dollars to hundreds! But, for everyday listening, earbuds seem to be the norm.

Earbuds in Stereo

Earbuds are set up for stereo, though. And listening can be a bit disorienting if you don’t know left from right. Or rather, if you can’t tell which earbud is intended for the left side and which is intended for the right side.

Option 1 – Mark Them With A Marker

The existence of this dilemma stems from the fact that most earbuds indicate left and right in a very inconspicuous way. It’s like they don’t even want you, the user, to know which is really which. Like previously said, this can be disorienting but also annoying. The quick fix for this is to take a marker to your earbuds and write “L” and “R.” The problem with that approach, of course, is that it’s not appealing to look at, especially if you’ve got a nice pair of earbuds in the first place. You could use colored tape, which is more tasteful. In the beginning. Over time through constant friction or plain old age, the tape you’ve applied becomes a sticky section on the wiring of your earbuds that attracts a lot of dirt. Next suggestion? Nail polish. Okay, this one could actually work, if you have access to two colors of nail polish (of not too similar shades) and aren’t too particular about color selection.

Option 2 – Use Different Colored Earbud Tips

There is, however, one option that trumps all and actually makes for a conveniently great idea. One thing you can do to distinguish the left earbud from the right is to get earbud tips of different colors. Chances are, you’ve already gone through a lot of earbuds in your listening lifetime, which means you should have some silicone earbud tips lying around somewhere. Take a moment to find them (or gather them, if you know exactly where they are). Once you have them at your disposal, match the tip sizes but mismatch the colors. Take a pair and fix them onto your earbuds. You have now eliminated your dilemma. Enjoy your music and maybe experiment with some color configurations according to your mood.

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