Samsung Galaxy S4 Qi Wireless Charging

samsung_galaxy_s4_wireless_charging_padWireless charging is creeping into the smartphone market, slowly but surely taking out the need for a cord to act as an intermediary between your phone and its charger. This trend showed in the launching of the new Samsung Galaxy in the form of some Qi wireless charging accessories. Samsung, however, hasn’t mentioned anything about the new S4 being compatible with Qi wireless charging. But there is good news for wireless charging and Samsung fans and hopefuls. To signal the wireless charging medium’s continued success, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be another new addition to the increasing number of phones that support Qi wireless charging.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S4 does not technically support Qi wireless charging, Samsung will be releasing an optional back battery cover that would make it possible to use the wireless charging medium. The industry giant is also planning to release wireless charging pad accessories to ease the process. Samsung’s announcement strengthens Qi’s hold over the mobile industry. It’s now leading in popularity compared to A4WP, another over-the-air wireless charging medium. More than 130 companies now support Qi as a wireless charging medium, and some of the names are very prestigious ones in the mobile industry (Samsung, Nokia, Hitachi Maxwell HTC, Motorola, and LG to name a few).

For Samsung, the Galaxy S4’s support of wireless charging means more user convenience. Qi-certified devices are made to be compatible with Qi-compatible chargers. It doesn’t even matter what brand of charger you use with the Qi-enabled device. It also marks a shift in Samsung’s stance on wireless charging. The company originally backed A4WP in its wireless charging forays, but the switch came suddenly, just a week before the official reveal of the Galaxy S4. Whatever the reason for the switch from A4WP to Qi, consumers should expect the release of a number of compatible accessories and devices to complement the Samsung Galaxy S4. Though the industry giant hasn’t given word on the optional back battery cover’s date of release or prices, at least it’s been proved that the Galaxy S4 will be one of the latest smartphones to support wireless charging.

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