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susan-g-komen-mobile-marsIn an effort to spread awareness in different ways, the Susan G. Komen foundation has partnered with US Digital Media has created another venue to show your support for the fight against breast cancer. With Susan G. Komen mobile accessories, you can protect and accessorize your mobile gadgets in a fashionable way while aiding in the fight against breast cancer.

Pink ribbons are synonymous with the fight against breast cancer. That’s common knowledge and has even spawned other types of ribbons with different colors and designs for the support of other various causes. If you’ve stayed current with the pink ribbon culture, then you may be aware that the institution behind it is Susan G. Komen,

Originally known as The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the foundation is the largest, best-funded, and most publicly visible foundation for the cause of breast cancer. Though the pink ribbon that Komen developed has turned into a runner in motion (to symbolize the foundation’s Race for the Cure running event), the message it carries is still the same.

susan-g-komen-phone-casesFor anyone who cares to know a bit of history, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure was founded by Nancy Goodman Brinker, the younger sister of Susan Goodman Komen. Komen died of breast cancer at the age of 33 in 1980 because of lack of awareness about the nature of cancer and how to go about treating it. In memory of her sister, Brinker established the foundation in order to encourage research, education, advocacy, and support programs with the end goal of eliminating breast cancer altogether.

susan-g-komen-budbagsThe Susan G. Komen mobile gadgets accessories abound in variety. The line ranges from earbud cases to cases for iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy S3s. The smartphone cases come in three different designs: Dots, Inspiration Ribbon, and Running Ribbon. The Dots case design comes in black or white with pink dots symbolizing support for breast cancer. The Inspiration Ribbon design features the original pink ribbon for breast cancer on a black or white casing. The Running Ribbon case comes in white or black but, this time, is decorated with the pink ribbon modified to symbolized the Race for the Cure event. All cases, whether for an iPhone or Galaxy S3, cost $12.99 each. The earbud storage bag is a simple pouch meant to protect your listening accessories while you’re on the move. It retails for $4.99 each.

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