Belkin Dyle Mobile Phone TV Receiver for iOS

BelkinDyle Smartphone TV

Television, in our current technological atmosphere, is no longer something that’s bound to the four, sleek corners of a flat screen LCD. It’s been possible for a long while now to be able to use your laptop or desktop as a TV with your very own personalized programming. And with the ability to download series through services like iTunes, the definitions related to television have been loosening and accommodating increasingly variable setups. One of these variable setups takes the form of Dyle Mobile TV, a service that provides mobile devices with live broadcasts of programs from local channels. What’s more is that most Apple mobile devices can now access Dyle Mobile TV thanks to the new BelkinDyle Mobile TV receiver for iOS.

Belkin has taken the plunge, and for that, it is now known as the first major manufacturer of computer accessories to come out with a receiver for Dyle Mobile TV. With the BelkinDyle Mobile TV receiver, users can now access digital TV from their mobile devices, whether those happen to be iPhones or iPads. The mobile TV receiver works wirelessly, so there’s no cable clutter to fear. To get you watching live broadcasts on your mobile device, the BelkinDyle Mobile TV Receiver instructs you to download the Dyle Mobile TV App in the App Store. Once you’ve done that, plug the mobile TV receiver into your iPhone or iPad then enjoy. And unlike other services that may offer similar options for mobile devices, the BelkinDyle mobile TV receiver doesn’t need a Wi-Fi or data plan subscription to work. The device will be able to pick up on the broadcasting signals that Dyle Mobile TV emits using the ATSC-M/H format. In case you happen to be in an area with a weak signal, the BelkinDyle Mobile TV Receiver makes sure that you’ll get a signal anyway with its extendable antenna (which is made of titanium).

Now would be the time to note that even though the BelkinDyle Mobile TV Receiver is meant for use with Apple iPhones and iPads, it is not compatible with the iPhone 5 or the iPad mini. That’s because the mobile TV receiver comes only with a connector compatible with Apple’s old 30-pin connector. The receiver may eventually be compatible with the newer models, but Belkin hasn’t made any mention of the possibility as of now.

The BelkinDyle Mobile TV Receiver is available on Belkin’s website for the price of $129.

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