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collegiate-mobilemars-mobile-accessoriesYou and your college friends may not agree to everything. You may argue about the littlest things or debate on the most absurd topics. But one thing you and your college friends would not dare debate on is what the best school in the world is. It’s time to show everybody that your college team is no.1 with these mobile accessories from Mobile Mars and US Digital Media.

With a listing of over 160 officially licensed schools, US Digital Media makes sure that you can show your school pride. Choose from USB mobile charger, Ignition earbuds, or USB car charger – brought to you by the country’s biggest retailer of customized mobile accessories. All the accessories vary in color and contain the logo or mascot of your favorite school.

USB Mobile Charger

college-chargers-mobilemarsWith a capacity of 2200mAH, you can conveniently charge your smartphone, iPhone, tablet and other compatible mobile device. Definitely not your ordinary USB mobile charger, it has a li-on battery and an LED torch. All components of the USB mobile charger are guaranteed to be made and produced in the US.

Guaranteed small (102mm x 23.5mm x 23.5mm) and lightweight, this portable mobile charger will ensure that all your gadgets are powered up and running at all times.

USB Car Charger

collegiate-usb-chargersLast but definitely not the least – check out this customized USB charger that has your team’s mascot or logo and bears your school color. Boasting of two USB ports, this USB car charger will make sure that your devices are charged up while you head to your next road trip. Made of high impact ABS plastic, it has an LED ring that lights up to show charging status. All components are from US.

AudioSpice Earbuds

college-earbuds-mobilemarsHow do you feel about wearing your school pride on your ears? It’s about time you change those unappealing earbuds. It’s about time you show everyone your cool new AudioSpice Ignition college earbuds with the color and logo of your favorite college team. Listen to your all-time favorite beat while telling everyone where your heart belongs.

So whether you are a current student or already graduated, or you are probably just one of those avid supporters of a college or university, these mobile accessories will let everyone know where you belong and what runs in your blood. Order your customized mobile accessories now from US Digital Media to have your hands on one of these collector’s items.

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