Eton BoostSolar Smartphone Charger

boost-solar_smart-phoneMobile chargers are an essential accessory for people who are always on the go. You could be someone who’s constantly switching from one business meeting to another or who enjoys frequent excursions out in the woods or the mountains. Regardless of your situation, those mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, and the like) need to have some juice. It’s commonly known that the sun is a great source of energy. (Look at all those trees and plants!) With the BoostSolar Charger from Eton, you can harvest its energy, too, and turn it into a constant source of power for your gadgets. Good timing, too, summer is coming.

Eton’s BoostSolar Charger is another example of the ways technology can use natural renewal resources for you and your gadgets’ benefit. Simply put, it’s a portable, solar-powered battery. But in cases of increment weather when the sun refuses to come out, it can be charged with a wall adapter, laptop, or desktop through a micro USB cable.

boost-solar_smart-phoneLet’s focus briefly on BoostSolar’s solar energy harvesting technology. In order to convert sunlight into power, the device is equipped with high-efficiency solar panels and a lithium-ion battery pack that boasts a 5000 mAh capacity. 5000 mAh is more than enough power to charge the standard smartphone two times and a half, so BoostSolar has got you covered for a full day, even with an additional device in tow. According to Eton, its BoostSolar takes 16 hours to reach a fully charged state with the sun as its source and seven hours with a micro USB.

You charge devices with the BoostSolar through a 5V/2A USB port that delivers enough power to charge even a tablet. A built-in LED indicator light gives you feedback on the how much power is still left in the charger, so you know when to stop charging your gadgets and start charging the BoostSolar itself. And to stay true to the idea of being designed for people on the go (even if that direction is going towards the woods), the BoostSolar possesses a rugged design and build. It has a rubber exterior and an IPX-4 Splash Proof rating. It’s designed with built-in fastener loops, making it a breeze to strap it to your backpack and keep your hands free when you don’t need it. The BoostSolar even has the option of a removable battery pack.

The Eton BoostSolar retails for $99.99 and is available in the second quarter of 2013.

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