Gum Duo Max USB Charger By Just Mobile Review

Gum Duo Max Mobile ChargerPortable USB chargers are getting more popular as more people find themselves looking for ways to avoid carrying too many cables and chargers. Portable USB chargers offer an all-in-one deal that’s very appealing to consumers. If you take a lot of gadgets with you or are preparing to go on a lengthy trip, then a heavy duty USB charger would be something handy to have. And now to help out with any mobile device charging worries, Just Mobile came up with the Gum Duo Max USB Charger, a small but hefty portable charger that packs a lot of power and punch for its size. 

Mobile ChargerThe Gum Duo Max maybe too literally named, but it nevertheless delivers as a portable USB charger. Extracting design and function from its name would get you the Gum Duo Max’s main features. First, its sleek silver casing is enveloped by a rubber skin that helps with grip. Second, it has two USB ports that offer two different amps: 1 amp and 2.4 amps. And third, the Gum Duo Max provides some serious power for its size (about 11 amperes per hour!).

The other features Just Mobile outfits the Gum Duo Max USB charger with just round the portable charger a bit more to sweeten the deal. The charger has some opportunities for a quick fashion statement with its four available rubber skins: blue, red, yellow, and black. It also has LED lights that indicate how much juice is still left in the Gum Duo Max. For widespread mobile device compatibility, the portable charger comes with a USB to micro-USB cable. Note that micro-USB here means a disadvantage for the Apple iOS device user; the Gum Duo Max is still compatible with Apple devices, you just need to use the cable provided by Apple.

Just Mobile ChargerWhen it comes to practice, the Gum Duo Max does its job well. Charging both an iPhone and an iPad for a day is possible, and you may find that you even have some juice to spare. In addition to that, the portable USB charger can also keep its charge for a week or more of no use, making it extremely suitable as an emergency back-up battery. It may not be the lightest portable charger out there, but heft here is evidence of a quality build.

If you’re looking for a reliable portable charger, the Just Mobile Gum Duo Max portable USB charger is available at Just Mobile’s official website for $129.95, excluding shipping.

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