How To Make A DIY Travel Charging Kit

Travel-Charging-KitHaving at least two to three gadgets (a fairly conservative number) on you at all times is not just for the tech savvy people anymore. A Smartphone, laptop, tablet, and some USB accessories can be a part of a person’s everyday carry-on kit. If you carry all these devices when traveling, you likely need them for various functions. Unfortunately, batteries don’t run forever, and you’re going to eventually have to recharge all those gadgets. That means toting with you not only the gadgets themselves, but their separate chargers, connectors, and what not. All of which add to the weight of your daily load. To put simply, it’s one big hassle. How do you alleviate this problem? One convenient way is to make your own travel charging kit. You don’t have to go through the effort of bringing various chargers and cables; just grab your kit and go.

Below I review how to make your very own Travel Charging Kit.

Like all things DIY, you first need to gather some things before you can get really started on building your own travel charging kit. The materials you need are a Cocoon Grid-It organizer, a 7-port USB hub (you could go for more or less ports, if you like) with iOS friendly ports, a backup battery packing 11,000mAh of power, and a mix of cables that are compatible with your gadgets.

Adam goes through this process on Lifehacker and does a great job. To start the process, open up your Grid-It organizer, and get a general view of its layout. What you’ll be doing is just strapping down the portable battery, the USB hub, your gadgets, and cables in place. In essence, that’s it. But, there’s always a configuration that makes life easier, so let’s get into how to make that happen. Strap the hub in the middle and place its adapter beside it. Then get your portable battery and place it on the side opposite the adapter. Keep the batteries ports close to the hub’s ports and connect the battery to the USB hub. Plug in all the cables you’ll be using into the USB hub. Short cables are ideal for this, but you can just wind up the extra length of ordinary ones, if those are what you have. At this point, your traveling kit is ready to go with a few more adjustments. Route the free ends of your cables under an empty strap to secure them, and then organize the cables according to your preference. You now have your very own travel charging kit.


Plugged in Cables


via Lifehacker

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