Introducing US ARMY® Mobile Accessories

us-army-mobile-marsShowing military pride in any small way means a world of difference to our troops. It’s always good to know that the people you’re fighting for appreciate your service for your country. Though there are many traditional ways to show your support, why not extend it a bit further and include your gadgets and their accessories as one of the new things you can utilize to show your pride?

US Digital Media makes this possible with a recent collaboration with the U.S. Army regarding mobile accessories bearing the U.S. ARMY® logo. Now you can honor the troops through your accessories, be it a set of headphones or an earbud storage pouch!

US Digital Media’s U.S. Army-licensed mobile accessories are included under its new ARMY STRONG® line. The gadgets and mobile accessories currently offered by the line are headphones, earbuds, smartphone and tablet cases, mobile chargers, and car chargers. All products are made with quality components to the best specifications.

US Digital Media CEO Chris Pignotti has stated that this endeavor was undertaken to pay tribute to those who had served and are currently serving in the armed forces. Pignotti expressed that the company’s employees and managers have been greatly touched by the troops, some of whom are close relatives and friends. The introduction of the ARMY STRONG line into US Digital Media’s offerings serves as a strategy to increase awareness and support for the troops who risk their lives to protect the country. As a result, all products under the ARMY STRONG line carry the U.S. Army’s logo and can come in an array of camo designs and colorways.

army-headphones-product-mobilemarsOf particular interest are the USB mobile charger and headphones designed expressly with the U.S. Army in mind. The USB mobile charger has the power capacity of 2200mAh, allowing it to provide enough power to make your smartphone last through a day. Furthermore, it has a built-in LED flashlight and comes with storage bag. The headphones on offer are manufactured to a high-quality standard and made compatible with smartphones, tablets, and mp3 players. The ARMY Force headphones have radial earcups for true DJ style monitoring.banner_army-chargers--mobile-mars

Other mobile accessories, namely the earbuds, car charger, and storage pouches also bear a mark of quality. U.S. Army Scorch Earbuds come in black or pink with “bag” pouches that come in sand or pink digital camo. The USB car charger maintains a no-nonsense black and olive green with the U.S. Army logo prominently featured.
With these mobile gadgets from US Digital Media, pride and support for the troops can be shown in unexpected ways.

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