Just Mobile AluCube Smartphone Cable Organizer

Just Mobile AluCube Smartphone Cord HolderCables, whether individually or in great numbers, are a mess to deal with. For some freakish property of their nature, they twist and tangle in ways that can’t be explained. No amount of intervention can seem to keep them in their pristine fresh-out-of-the-package condition of perfect loops and straight lines for long. As a result, users are either going with 3-, 4-, 12-in-one USB cables or jumping onto the wireless-everything bandwagon. For users who know they can’t make that kind of leap but want to keep frustrations at a minimum in a cable world, there is the AluCube Mini from Just Mobile, a lightweight, portable cord holder for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac devices.

smartphone cord holderJust Mobile seems to be aware that cables, even when they are white, are still a pain if left to their own devices. For that, the company developed the AluCube Mini to replace the order back your desk arrangement. The cube-shaped accessory is meant to be a desktop fixture that arranges your mobile gadgets’ cables and keeps them from getting in the way of your daily work. The AluCube Mini’s body is made from a light, one-piece, high-grade aluminum outer and comes in silver, matching that of Apple products. At its center is a rubber-coated clamp that functions as a grip for the cable leads of your Apple products. Depending on your feel, you can keep the AluCube Mini in standing position or on its side.

Just Mobile AluCubeDespite its lightness and small size, Just Mobile’s AluCube Mini feels like a well-manufactured product. It’s sturdy enough to stay on your desktop without constantly sliding around, and it comes with two adhesive pads to keep it anchored down permanently for heavy-duty demands and a no-setup convenience. It can organize about two or three cable leads, if you’re using it for a desktop setup. If you want to keep it functional yet portable, you can use the AluCube Mini to keep a single USB cable looped neatly in your daily carry. As for its longevity, rest assured that it should last you quite a while. It may get battered-looking over time, but the rubber inside should keep gripping your cables for a long time no problem.

Just Mobile’s AluCube Mini comes in a package that includes the accessory and two adhesive pads. It can be purchased through Just Mobile’s official website for $17.95 excluding shipping charges.

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