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keypropCellular phones are not just for talking anymore. It’s interesting to trace their evolution from the indestructible and hefty bricks of the 90s to what they are now: slick, slim, classy smartphones with enough apps to set you up for all your social needs and then some. In our new world of extreme sociability and Instagram, the smartphone is a central device for picture-taking. What’s the use of point-and-shoot cameras when you have a smartphone in tow? But when you’re in charge of taking pictures, you start to notice, aside from all those selfies, that you’re not really in the picture for the majority of the time. Welcome to the photographer’s curse. But fear not, here comes a Kickstarter project that at least attempts to minimize the visibility of the curse: the Keyprop Mobile Phone Stand.

The Keyprop is fairly self-explanatory. It’s a key-like prop that acts like a mini-tripod for your smartphone, so you can squeeze your face into the group shot to prove that, hey, you actually were present at so-and-so’s going-away party. The Keyprop is a bit longer than a normal key, but that’s a good thing. An unstable phone stand doesn’t spell anything good in the future of an expensive smartphone. The prop is made of polycarbonate that’s been coated with rubberized TPE to provide a grip that keeps your smartphone in place. Even though it was designed with the iPhone in mind, the Keyprop does work with other smartphones, so long as they have a 3.5 mm jack that the prop can use to hinge itself on.

The Keyprop is currently trying to get enough funds through Kickstarter to get production going. As an incentive, Integral Design, the brains behind the Keyprop, are offering to bundle an app with the Keyprop if iPhone users could make a pledge amounting at least up to $15. The app is called KeyCam, and it complements Keyprop by being its self-timing sidekick. The KeyCam allows users to initiate a timer countdown or enable the Clap-to-Snap feature, which starts the smartphone camera from afar.

So far, the Keyprop Kickstarter project has 673 backers and a total of $17,537 in pledges. The project needs to raise $30,000 to get the chance for production, and the minimum pledge to get in on it and support the project is just a dollar. Unfortunately, people have to act fast, if they want to see the Keyprop go into production. It has 8 days left to reach its $30,000 goal.

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  1. Use of mobile stand for table is a must because in today’s world every person using the mobile phone.A metal plate is also that can be stuck to the back of the phone, inside or the back of the phone case.

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