Love a Saltine Cracker iPhone® 4/4s Case

Saltine-Cracker-iPhone-4-or-4S-Custom-CaseSaltine crackers are a simple snack. Eaten plain or maybe with a little cheese or peanut butter, and you’ve got a snack that’s humble yet still fulfilling. If you’re not into snacking on them so much and are aiming instead on using them for a bet, then you have got the saltine cracker challenge available as your deceivingly simple arsenal. What have saltine crackers got to do with iPhones, anyway? Well, thanks to Zero Gravity, you can turn your iPhone into one large cracker by choosing it as a case design.

Saltine-Cracker-Custom-CaseThe Zero Gravity Saltine Cracker iPhone 4/4s Case is realistic replication of our simple yet versatile snack. Measuring 4 5/8 in x 2 1/2 in and weighing in at 3 ounces, the case is made out of a hard plastic with a wear-resistant 2D sticker stuck onto the back to give your Apple iPhone that authentic saltine look. The Zero Gravity case is strong enough to protect your iPhone from any minor dings and scratches. Just watch out for that screen. Your Saltine Cracker case, unfortunately, has no way of protecting your iPhone’s glass screen. So, unless your precious gadget is equipped with a Gorilla glass screen, take some precautions and baby that phone.

Phone caseAside from offering your iPhone 4/4s protection from the elements (and from your occasional accidents), the Zero Gravity Saltine Cracker case also functions as a conversation starter, an item worth a few commentaries, musings, or observations. So, if you’re the type who has trouble getting the ball rolling or is just not a fan of the weather on any particular day, then be sure to bring your cracker case along for a twist to predictable conversations and small talk. Let those around ooh and ahh at the hyperrealism of your cracker and do double takes when you take a call in front of them.

Zero Gravity’s Saltine Cracker case for iPhone 4/4s is available for purchase at The protective novelty case is only priced at $22.50, so spare some money and order yourself one now. The road to saltine cracker appreciation is founded on this realistically rendered conversation piece and reminder that yes, you are actually starving right now and that you sure wish that that saltine cracker phone case of yours was as real and tasty as it looks. Now if they bundled the case with a box of saltine crackers, that would make a very nice deal indeed.

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