Earbud Phone Case by Sound Pockets

sound-pocketsListening to music or audio with earphones is the ultimate convenience. They don’t mess up your hair the way headphones do, they’re discrete, and, best of all, they’re very portable. Earphones, however, are tricky accessories to store. They seem to abide by a condition that they will almost always get tangled, even when you’ve taken pains to wrap them neatly and carefully for storage. Some kind of mystery happens between the time you neatly stashed them in your bag and the time you’ll take them out again to listen to files on your phone. It may be a mystery that will never be solved. Luckily, Sound Pockets is offering a practical solution for this common problem. The company’s solution takes the form of an iPhone case that comes with a earphone cable management system. The case is none other than the Sound Pockets Freedom Case.

Earbud case

Despite its odd name (though the logic does work out if you think about it enough), the Sound Pockets Freedom Case actually has a decent claim to keeping your earphones cables neat and tangle-free. For starters, the Freedom Case protects your iPhone from minor drops from a low height and accidental damage from minor bumps and scratches. The Freedom Case’s polycarbonate plastic ensures that this part of the job gets done.

Open Earphone case Getting on to the main feature of the Freedom Case, let’s focus on Sound Pocket’s “caddy” design. The caddy design is what stores an iPhone’s earphones within the Freedom Case itself. The Sound Pocket case comes with two types of caddy systems, meant to accommodate either the standard Apple earbuds or the Apple In-Ear Headphone with Remote and Mic. Both caddy systems work the same way; they just accommodate different types of Apple earphones. Getting started on the tangle-free earbuds life is easy with the Freedom Case caddy design. Take one caddy, clip the earbuds into the holder, start wrapping the cable around the spool-like section, starting from the top and working your way down. Once the cable is all wound up, tuck the 3.5mm plug end of your earbuds into the pocket at the backside of the caddy system. To store the caddy into the phone case along with your earbuds, slide the caddy into the Freedom Case’s back and hide it under the snap cover. Your earbuds are now neatly and safely stored in the Sound Pocket Freedom Case, ready to come in handy and mess-free whenever you need it. For this practical convenience, you can fork over $35 to Sound Pocket’s website. These cases are compatible with the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5.




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