Guard Dog Smartphone and iPhone Cases


Mobile Mars focuses on offering the best in branded mobile accessories. Featuring the organizations that you love to support, from US ARMY® and many other branches of the Armed Forces, as well as Susan G. Komen® and over 160 universities and college sport teams! Whether it’s about supporting a specific cause, the military, or your favorite college team, Mobile Mars has the accessories for it. Mobile Mars introduces a new line of phone cases. Now you can protect your smartphones and tablets and show your loyalty to the cause.

Guard Dog mobile cases feature full-color printing that showcases logos and designs in vibrant colors. The phone cases are made from a hard plastic with a glossy finish, and they are durable enough to protect your smartphone from minor dings, bumps, and scratches.

The Mobile Mars phone case selections revolve around three different themes, the U.S. Army, collegiate teams, and Susan G. Komen.



The Susan G. Komen phone case theme obviously shows support for the fight against breast cancer. The phone cases under this them come in several designs, such as “Dots,” “Running Ribbon,” and “Inspiration Ribbon.” The cases come in several sizes as well, catering to different models and brands of smartphones. These compatible smartphones are the iPhone 4 and 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3, and iPhone 5.
case-for-iphone-5To show that your support doesn’t end by just displaying the cause you are for, US DigitalMedia has started a policy. Whenever you purchase a phone case under the Susan G. Komen theme, US DigitalMedia will give the foundation 10% of the sales from the case. There’s even a guarantee of a $25,000 minimum donation that makes sure your money goes to a good cause.

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