Innovative Waka Waka Solar Mobile Phone Charger

Waka_Waka-Solar_Powered_Mobile_ChargerThese days, almost nothing can cause more of a bummer than a draining or drained phone battery. The need to be in constant communication with others is crucial to day to day life. It just isn’t practical anymore to just simply disconnect, especially for a reason as involuntary as a dead battery. Though the drained battery situation can be easily remedied within the confines of work and home, there comes a time when there aren’t any power outlets within sight. Take the outdoors as an example. Nothing but the sun and nature around for maybe miles, and they won’t be doing anything about that dying battery. Or so you think. Waka Waka has found a way to put solar power to use in charging your phone. The result of the company’s efforts? The Waka Waka Solar-Powered Lamp/Mobile Phone Charger.

Waka Waka’s Solar Mobile Phone Charger can give you the battery boost that you need with a lot of help from the sun. It’s a handheld device comprised of a solar panel, foldable stand, power button, and LED lights. The device is discrete enough in size to be comfortably portable; you can even keep it in your pocket to make sure that you can get to it as soon as your phone’s battery starts to reach those critically low levels of power. The one major advantage of having the Waka Waka Solar Mobile Phone Charger by your side is that it stores power whether it’s in use or not. Despite its size, the mobile phone charger can also ensure you charging times equivalent to those you would normally allot to a wall outlet and charger setup. The plus here, of course, is that, unlike a wall outlet, the Waka Waka mobile charger is portable.

Another nifty feature of the Waka Waka Solar Mobile Phone Charger is, true to its outdoorsy functionality, its built-in flashlight. The flashlight would certainly live up to occasions of emergency; at the lowest brightness possible, it can keep on working a duration of more than 200 hours.

Even when you’re not out in the wild outdoors, the Waka Waka Solar Mobile Phone Charger is really useful. It would make a nice accessory for people who are always on the go, since it’s portable and doesn’t draw power from an outlet. Also, the device provides the ultimate convenience for those of us who are either to tired or lazy to charge next to a wall outlet. After all, technology is there for convenience. This convenience in particular costs $39.

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