Multi-Task with the Charger Stand for iPhone® 5


All Apple products come with their own Apple chargers. There are third-party chargers out there, no doubt. But unless the charger Apple has supplied is dead, there’s often no motivation to go looking for another charger as a substitute. An iPhone 5 charger from Trunk just might have you considering the option even if you’re current phone charger is working all right. Trunk’s new iPhone 5 charger is a two-in-one deal, a charger and a flexible stand.

The iPhone 5 Charger Stand from Trunk is a simple device and also extremely practical. It can even be a bit puzzling to know that no one has thought of it before. Trunk’s iPhone 5 charger stand solves two problems commonly encountered when it comes time to charge your smartphone. Those two problems are the presence of cables and the lack of a support or dock on which you can rest your iPhone as it charges.

Trunk-iphone-standTo remedy these minor inconveniences, the Trunk charger stand replaces the iPhone’s standard long charging cable with a short, flexible cable made strong enough to support an iPhone in an upright position. Since the cable’s material is bendable, you can choose to keep your iPhone 5 lying flat on the table or propped up by the charger stand’s cable. The latter option makes your iPhone more visible (in terms of line of vision) to yourself and others, hopefully keeping accidents and costly repairs to a minimum – or even better, nonexistent.

Aside from offering you a tangle-free existence, the Trunk Charger Stand also gives you some flexibility. The charger stand can be plug into a USB port on your laptop or PC or it can be plugged directly into a wall outlet. It can even plug into your car, if your car happens to have a built-in USB port. The practicality of the Truck iPhone 5 Charger Stand seems limitless. The charger stand also benefits from being extremely portable. Its short cable needs no wrapping, so it’s easy to put stash away and can even fit comfortably in a pocket for on the move urgency.

Trunk’s concept of “be flexible” finds perfect expression in the iPhone 5 charger stand. Flexibility in charging options. Flexibility in portability. Flexibility in orienting your iPhone. The Trunk iPhone 5 Charger Stand will be shipping out on the 15th of June, so mark your calendars and mull around the possibility of acquiring such a simple yet useful device. The Trunk Charger Stand costs $19.95.


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