Brando Mobile Phone Plug-in Speaker

Brando Speaker

If you love listening to music on your mobile phone, chances are your number one accessory in use is a pair of earphones or headphones. It may not matter whether it’s the high end kind or the ones that come stock with some phones, but you no doubt have one to keep your ears preoccupied throughout the day. There are times, however, when putting on earphones or headphones may not be the most convenient thing. For one, if you move around a lot or want to separate your person from your phone but have to deal with the cable connected your ears to your phone. For these times, it would be nice to have speakers, so you could still enjoy music without a break or pause in playback. Brando’s mobile phone speaker offers just that in a miniature form.

colored speakersThe Brando 3.5mm Ear Jack mobile phone speaker is tiny. It measures only 35 by 33 millimeters, so you can pretty much take it wherever you want without worrying about where you’re going to store it. And don’t let the size of these Brando mobile phone speakers fool you either. The speakers can boost the volume of your mobile phone past its original capacity. While it may not be as loud as full-sized speakers, it does the job for its size.

The Brando Mobile Phone Speaker is also simply designed, which would perhaps appeal to the more no frills users out there. In accordance to this design theme, the mobile phone speaker possesses only a tiny on and off button at the back and a light indicator to show whether it’s on or not. That’s about as simple as it can get without losing some functionality. The Brando phone speaker also adapts the standard 3.5mm jack for the most compatibility with devices.
schematicThe Brando Mobile Phone Speaker is available on Brando’s online shopping store, The speakers come in three color varieties: black, red, and white. And availing of a unit will not only get you the speakers, but also a 3.5mm ear jack and a charging cable. For those interested, they can get the mobile phone speaker at Brando’s site for $18 apiece.Since 3.5mm is the standard earphone jack in the market today, the Brando phone speaker is practically compatible with most devices out there, ranging from iPhones to mp3 players. And its battery is charged via USB, so there’s also not much difficulty in that arena.

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