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Ever wished for a USB cable that was extremely portable and never gave you the tangled cable problem? It’s safe to bet that that’s one of the main hassles involved with lugging around standard USB cables. No matter how hard you try to keep them neat and orderly in your pack, they always somehow end up in a tangled mess that would take you time to completely unfurl. Well, if you were to have the smallest USB charger in the world, it shouldn’t be a problem to bring along a cable with you to charge your USB devices with. The CulCharge USB Charger is exactly the item you’re looking for.

The CulCharge is a USB charger and data cable that charges a variety of mobiles devices ranging from smartphones to tablets. Its main forte, however, is focused on phones. For that reason, the CulCharge can be ordered in four different connection types: mini-USB, micro-USB, Apple lightning, and the old Apple 30-pin. From these range of connection types, you can see that pretty a majority of all phone types can be charged using the USB cable.

The main feature for the CulCharge USB charger and data cable is its tiny size, which wins on the portability and convenience fronts. The CulCharge can fit into any purse, pocket, or backpack you can think of to stash it in. It’s so tiny you might even forget that it’s there. You’ll only realize it that you need when your phone battery needs an energizing recharge.

With the CulCharge, even the design is well-thought out. The external look of the devices has an elegant, modern, and minimalistic design to it. You can even have your own company’s logo figured prominently onto the device to get you acquainted with it and to increase the success and variety of the marketing strategies you use for your own brand.

CulCharge ChargersThe CulCharge comes either just as a USB charging cable or can be purchased as a kit called the CulBox. The individual data cables only cost $9 (with the exception of the iPhone 5 Lightning compatible lighting, which is $15). The CulBox will cost you, however, at least $500 upfront. The difference is though that it comes with a Point of Sale stand and a 7-inch LCD display. The Culbox is more for marketing as you will be given a number of CulCharge chargers that you can then sell to customers for a profit.

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