Duracell PowerSnap Wireless Charger for iPhone 5 Reviewed

Wireless charging is the next big thing for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Wireless is good news for those constantly being bothered by cables, and Qi wireless chargers are starting to pop up all over the place to cater to user demands. Though the wireless charging niche is still in its infancy, it has a lot of potential and seems to point towards a burgeoning trend. Unfortunately for Apple mobile device owners, all the hubbub about wireless charging is benefitting Android devices more. But there is hope for Apple users eager to give the wireless charging game a try. That hope comes in the form of the Duracell PowerSnap wireless charger for the iPhone 5.

The PowerSnap wireless charger comes as a charging kit for the iPhone 5. The kit includes a wireless charging mat called a Powermat, an Access case responsible for converting wireless power into actual power that will charge the iPhone, and a back-up battery called a SnapBattery. Using the SnapBattery with the Apple iPhone 5 can even give your phone more battery capacity that originally possible. The major downside with having the PowerSnap charger attached to your phone is that it adds weight and thickness. The PowerSnap kit weighs 115 grams and is 18.8 millimeters wide. In the bigger picture of things, these additions may not be troublesome, but they would definitely change the feel of your iPhone 5.

Testing out the PowerSnap wireless charger with an iPhone 5 does reveal a few other downsides that Duracell should improve upon. The wireless charger, despite being thicker and heavier than the iPhone 5, doesn’t have the same quality feel to it. It leans towards feeling flimsy partly because the edges have that feel and are actually prone to breakage, if you’re not careful in the way you remove the battery from the kit. Accessing the iPhone’s earphone jack with the Access case attached is not at all possible without a headphone extender jack. Unfortunately, Duracell doesn’t include such a jack in its kit, so you would have to purchase it from a third party source.

Despite these design flaws, the Duracell PowerSnap still works as it’s expected to as a wireless charger. You can even use the backup battery as a charger, if for some reason, the Powermat is unavailable. The Duracell PowerSnap wireless charging kit sells for $99.99, and you can get extra mats for $39.99.

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