Kii USB Mobile Charge Connector

Kii Mobile Charger ConnectorWith all the mobile chargers available today, I cannot fathom how hard it is for mobile charger companies to think of a gimmick that will make them stand out. Two common trends are obvious – there are those that go after the environmental friendly, then there are those that go after the more functional. BlueLounge chose the latter and came up with something practical and functional at the same time. Perfect. They called it the Kii USB mobile charger connector. 

Kii Mobile Charger Connector SCALEI personally find it quite a hassle to bring all the chargers of my mobile devices. Talk about intertwined cords and bulky chargers, and yes, having to look for an outlet to plug in the charger. This is what the Kii USB Charge Connector seeks to address. Safe, reliable, and easy to use, the Kii USB Mobile Charge Connector is a pocket-sized charger, which is considered to be a powerful compact charger-connector that boasts of an impressive performance.

Kii’s main selling point is that it comes very handy. Do you always lose your connector? Keep them with the most important things you have – your keys! The mobile charger connector, with its small key-shaped design it can fit perfectly right on a keychain, allowing anyone to bring it anywhere and anytime, just like a key!

Not only that, the Kii USB Mobile Charge Connector also allows you to sync your phone or tablet to your laptop. Say hello to instant charging and downloading of photos to your laptop all at the same time – both cable-free! This feature is a sure hit for all Apple users out there. And what could be cooler than finding out that the Kii USB Mobile Charge Connector caters to both the lightning connector and the classic 30-pin dock connector for iPad 2 and iPhone 4s? Gotcha.

A drawback, however, of the Kii USB Mobile Charge Connector, is that it has been observed to have a slower charging time than that of the usual charger. Should we conclude that it’s really just good for emergency charging? Some also say that USB may even harm the battery, although not the device itself. And finally, as you may have realized by now, Kii USB Mobile Charge Connector caters to Apple devices only, and you could only pray that BlueLounge also come up with something for your Android, Windows and Blackberry phones.

If you’re convinced, the Kii USB Mobile Charge Connector is priced at $19.95 and is now waiting for you at your favourite gadgets store.

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