Moshi Rewind 2-Port USB Wall Charger for Apple

Moshi-Rewind-Dual-Port-Power-AdapterThough it’s nice to have portable mobile device chargers as a backup option, you should still invest in a portable USB wall charger for your Apple devices. There’s nothing wrong with portable chargers, it’s just that they tend to be more practical for on the go use. When you’re on standby, whether at home or at work, it doesn’t make much sense to charge your portable charger first through a wall charger, then use the portable one to charge your device. There are definitely times when it makes more sense to get directly to the source, in this case, a wall outlet. Here to serve your USB wall charger needs is the Moshi Rewind 2-USB Wall Charger.

moshi chargerThe Moshi Rewind 2-Port USB Wall Charger may be a third-party charger, but its design is enough to make you consider it as a viable alternative to the standard charger that comes with your Apple mobile devices. The wall charger possesses two 2.1-ampere USB ports for some versatility in charging options and also some serious juice when it comes to charging demanding USB devices like tablets and newly released smartphones. Not only that, it’s portable and has a cable storage designed into its body that keeps the tangle of cables to a low rate of incidence that ought to keep a lot of people happy.

Reminiscent of Apple’s design aesthetic, the Moshi Rewind makes a suitable accessory, looks wise, to your Apple product. It measures a very square 2.28 x 2.28 inches, which makes it a bit larger than the Apple charger, but then again, you are getting two ports instead of one. Just like Apple’s charger design, the Rewind’s outlet plug conforms to its dimensions, keeping all contours neat. Perhaps even better news for potential buyers is that the Rewind is accommodates both the original Apple 30-pin and the new Lightning cable.

The Moshi Rewind’s best feature is perhaps its price. The third-party wall charger costs just the same as a port charger from Apple and gives more bang for your buck. The Apple charger gives you only one USB port, while the Moshi Rewind USB wall charger gives you two USB ports. The only con worth mentioning about the Rewind is that you have no way of knowing whether it will keep charging your mobile devices even when you’ve reached full state. You can get the Moshi Rewind 2-Port USB Wall Charger for only $20 from Moshi’s website.

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