myType Mobile Keyboard Pad for Smartphones and Tablets

As we grow increasingly reliant on our gadgets, we sometimes can’t help but expect our work to be readily available at our fingertips. Gadgets provide us with utmost convenience, and as a result, we end up being too dependent on our smartphones and tablets. But they can only do so much. For instance, they can only provide you with a keypad that’s as good a size as your smallest fingers. If you have big fingertips, they just won’t work for you. This is the problem sought to be resolved by the all new myType mobile typing pad while also offering undisputed portability.

mytype keyboardIt’s simple. myType Mobile Typing Pad seeks to provide users with the comfort and efficiency of using a desktop or laptop keyboard without the bulk and hassle of one. It is made of light and flexible material and easily folds in half to fit inside a pocket or purse. myType bluetooth keyboard is in fact designed for touch typing, with the keys spaced accordingly to provide the feel of a laptop or desktop keyboard. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android and easily connects via bluetooth, with a wireless range of up to 33 feet. Though the material is light and flexible, it remains very durable. That is, dropping the keyboard may result to minimal damage, if at all, while also being splash resistant. It is chargeable through micro USB and its rechargeable lithium ion battery has a long battery life.

Developed by Roysden Innovations, LLC., myType was first formulated in 1989. For more than a couple of decades, the makers sought struggled to improve myType. But it was only in the last decade, along with the growing demand for mobile devices, when they realized myType can actually earn a following. And with your help and Kickstarter, you can make these creators’ dream come true.

The myType Mobile Typing Pad is compatible with Bluetooth® HID which is supported by the following (with the latest iOS available version for Apple products):  iPhone 3GS and later, iPad including iPad Mini, iPod Touch 2nd and later,  Android (with HID support; tested with several Samsung phones and tablets) and Windows 8 Tablets.

Once funding is completed, myType will be released on January 2014. If you choose to pledge, you’ll have your own myType and get to choose from five colors – green, blue, pink, black, and white.

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