Qi Wireless Charger Supports Five Devices

Qi Wirelss ChargerWireless charging is the new thing in mobile gadget charging these days. Its place in the spotlight was once taken up by mobile phone chargers, whose variety can get dizzying when you pay hard attention. If the allure of mobile phone chargers revolves around the idea of ultra-portability, then the appeal of wireless charging stems from the wish to live in a cable-free, tangle-free technological world. Even more alluring would be a wireless charging device that can charge all your mobile gadgets at once without much trouble. The company ConvenientPower happens to be the first to offer such a device. Its WoW5 Qi wireless charger allows five gadgets to charge simultaneously, a first that spans the world.

The ConvenientPower WoW5 is a world first with its ability to charge five gadgets at the same time. It’s a Qi charging pad, yes, but another feature that the WoW5 has going for it is that users don’t have to put their devices right on top of certain areas of the charging pad to give their gadgets a charge. Some other Qi charging pads are notorious for that requirement. If it’s not on the right spot, the gadgets get a bad charge or sometimes no charge at all.

The WoW5 charges mobile devices inductively. This feature works out great for devices that are often prone to heat or efficiency problems. Among the charging pads other features are shielding, foreign object detection and intelligent “localized charging.” All these features work out to give the WoW5 optimal chargers for your gadgets. What’s more is that ConvenientPower designed the Qi wireless charger to be adjustable according to preferences. The user can, for example, collapse or expand the size of the charging mat depending on the number of devices that need to be charged.

There are currently no announcements regarding when the WoW5 will be released to the market or how much money it will fetch. Your best bet at getting your hands on ConvenientPower’s products seems to be a waiting game.

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