Sony Emergency Hand-Crank Cell Phone Charger

Sony hand crank phone chargerEmergency situations happen when you least expect them. Power outages, floods, hurricanes, you name it and they’re there. The thought of those things happening for a prolonged amount of time may even give you the urge to go to the nearest store and stock up on goods. With emergency situations such as those mentioned, the most threating to modern day living habits is actually the loss of electricity. Our lives are so dependent on technology that even temporary downtimes cause some kind of anxiety. It’s a good thing that for emergency occasions, there exist emergency measures. One measure specifically deals with provided your mobile device with the juice it needs to keep you connected and communicating, and that is the Sony Hand-Cranked Battery Charger/Emergency Radio (ICF-B88).

The Sony ICF-B88 joins the function of battery charger and radio to give users the most needed things when emergency situations strike. Backup electricity is ensured with the hand-crank battery charger. Think of it as a generator, but instead of powering your house, it powers your phone. Next most important would be AM/FM transistor radio, which should give you some news from your surroundings or about dangers that you should know about. If you find those two features to still be lacking, then you should know that the Sony ICF-B88 also comes with a built-in flashlight.

Even though the main attraction for the ICF-B88 is its hand-cranked feature, there are three other ways you can charge or power the 2-in-1 device, adding a new dimension to its versatility. The ICF-B88 can be charged through a USB connection during times when you have electricity on hand. For the times when you don’t and are also too tired to hand-crank for power, the ICF-B88 possesses a solar panel that draws energy from the sun. And if you really are the hardcore type who prepares for TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It), then you would probably have more than enough AA batteries lying around to switch out with the rechargeable ones that come with the unit.

In all honesty, the Sony Hand-Cranked Battery Charger/Emergency Radio would make a pretty useful tool for any apocalypse scenario. The device is drip-proof, meaning it doesn’t start messing up when the weather gets humid. The whole thing even ships to you with a pouch and emergency whistle. When it comes to charging your smartphone without any electricity (and so many more situations), the Sony ICF-B88 makes a lightweight (329 g) and practical accessory.

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