Square Collaboration iPad Stand and POS System

Square iPad standIf you’re the type who loves to go shopping, the sight and sound of the cash register may have already become significant parts of your daily routine. If, however, that sound makes you sick, then you’d love the new Apple accessory that’s going to change how you view retail. Yes, get ready to call the traditional cash register “old school” and wait until you see your favorite cashier on an iPad while punching in your thousands worth of new clothes and gears.

In collaboration with mobile payment company, Square, Apple is going to sell an iPad-based point-of-sale (POS) system that will make retail shopping more advanced and sophisticated. The Square Stand, as it is notably called, has a 30-pin connection port that will convert an iPad into a credit card processor and POS system. To use, credit card is swiped on the Square Stand to retrieve credit card info, and by way of Wi-Fi or 3G, the collected info is transmitted to proper authority to verify and complete payment.

Square-StandThose who have their own retail stores (and of course, believe in the power of Apple) will be most delighted with this new Apple accessory. You have to buy the Stand separately, though. But that’s not bad news if you already have a fully functional iPad. If you want a complete set, not a problem. A full package will have accessories like a printer for receipts and a cash drawer. If that’s not enough, download the Square’s Register app to add a barcode reader or some more printers. Another good news, Square can accommodate all major credit cards and for only a low entry fee. All transactions will be charged a reasonable fee of 2.75%.

As for compatibility, only iPad 2 and iPad 3 devices could work with the Square Stand, unfortunately, for now. But reliable sources said the partnership is looking at releasing a lightning-compatible version sometime soon.

Nonetheless, don’t contemplate too much on how unique this product is because it isn’t. It basically has the same credit card payment process as with a traditional cash register only now, of course, it’s ultimately wireless. For all reasons of portability, the Square Stand should be worth your every penny.

The Square Stand is now available in Apple stores and will soon be from the Square website. The retail price is at $299.

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