Vodafone Mobile Charging Power Shorts and Recharge Sleeping Bag

recharge-bagAs if the number of ways in which you can charge your mobile gadgets through the USB format is not as varied as it is, there’s another way you can achieve the full battery state with your charger. Introducing the Vodafone Power Shorts and Recharge Sleeping Bag, two types of mobile chargers that store energy that can be used to charge your beloved accessories. The unique thing about the pair of shorts and the sleeping bag is that the energy harvested derives from the tiny movements that can happen within the confines of a pocket during the day and a sleeping bag during the night.

Vodafone produces both the Power Shorts and the Recharge Sleeping Bag. Both Vodafone-manufactured products harvest energy from the surrounding through movement and body heat. The technology responsible for such an innovative way of charging mobile gadgets comes from a partnership between Vodafone and the University of Southampton’s Electronics and Computer Science Department. According to this partnership, the aim of both finished products, that is the Power Shorts and the Recharge Sleeping Bag, is to provide an endless power source to users who camp out at major outdoor music events.Power-Pocket-VodafoneThe more interesting and daring of the two is definitely the Power Shorts. Its comprised of a smart designs that contains high quality materials and special fabric that allows for a unique way of collecting energy for a mobile gadget charging session. The charging method at work with the Vodafone Power Shorts is kinetic in nature, meaning that movements such as walking, running, and even dancing cause enough movements to register with the Power Shorts and get it on the way to charging the mobile device you have stashed into your pocket. So far, current tests on the Power Shorts has yielded the fact that a full day spent on walks and dancing is the energy equivalent of charging your phone at a power outlet for more than four hours. That’s not a bad figure at all.

The technology behind the Vodafone Power Shorts is definitely still at the forefront and would need more development to refine it for future mass production. It represents the next step in the area of “smart fabrics,” fabrics that have a technological component worked into an otherwise normal piece of fabric or clothing. Since the Power Shorts is still in development, there is no word of the scheduled release into the market of how much it would retail in the future.

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