Back to School – College Branded Mobile Accessories

collegiate-licensed-brand-mobilemarsAre you ready for school? Apart from grabbing books, notebooks, and pens – make sure you do not miss out on college branded mobile accessories that will surely keep your school spirit alive and kicking! Whether listening to music, surfing the internet, or storing your accessories, Mobile Mars by US Digital Media has your school spirit covered.

banner-2013-04-09-earbuds-moiblemarsDo you need ear buds? You sure do! Get college branded earbuds by AudioSpice for high quality sound with a clear bass, all while stylishly flaunting your school colors and logo at its metallic dome end. Nothing has ever sounded and looked so good at the same time. Better yet, stash them safely and tangle free in AudioSpice BudBags, which also come branded according to your alma mater, so you can have your ear buds ready on the go anytime. Made of high-quality canvas for extra durability, BudBags act like mini-duffle bags and allow you to store in anything from keys, to coins, to gums, and the like. If ear buds are not your thing, AudioSpice has also created headphones, designed with your school colors and logos, also providing high sound quality and surround sound experience.

banner_college-chargers-moiblemarsYour need for power is also recognized, with A.P.U. (Auxiliary Power Unit) Mobile Chargers by Quikvolt ensuring that your electronics are charged. Never go battery empty again while screaming school spirit as these chargers also carry your school colors and logo. Quikvolt guarantees that your smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, and gaming devices are fully charged and ready for use after plugging it in with A.P.U. Mobile Chargers. Aside from looking sleek because of their design, the USB car chargers from Quikvolt have other cool functions. They have LED rings in its design to let you know that the device plugged in is in fact charging. They also have this thermal shutdown function which makes sure that your device won’t burn or melt in case electrical conditions go crazy. Plus, they have overload protection that ensures that devices plugged into the charger do not take in more current than their battery capacity should.

Of course, your electronics likewise need the proper protection while fostering school pride. US Digital Media has phone cases and tablet cases to keep your smartphones and tablets safe while showcasing your school support with their college logo printed designs.

So far, over 160 colleges have already officially licensed the above products. Be sure to grab them before school starts!

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