Flow Charge Light-Up Mobile Power Cable Shows You’re Plugged In!

LED-USB-mobile-cableWhile it doesn’t require phone chargers to be as exciting as, say, your earphones or headsets, it doesn’t hurt to look for one that’s a little more interesting than the others. Just like the Flow Charge Light Up Power Cable, a one-of-a-kind phone charger that lets you see the actual charging current of your mobile device.

light up cableFlow Charge is an LED mobile phone charger that allows the current to be visible to users so that they can know the status of the charge of their phone right away just by simply looking at the charger’s cable. Thanks to the Electroluminescent Light (EL) technology, the Flow Charge can show the charging current of the phone. But you know what makes Flow Charge’s EL even cooler, aside from making Flow Charge look chic and stylish? EL has the capacity to lower down power consumption, which in turn saves energy. Hooray for Mother Earth!

As you connect your phone to the Flow Charge, the LED lights up, telling you that your device is already charging. You see, it is actually quite helpful too when you left your phone charging in a dark room. You will find it in an instance through the light coming from the Flow Charge’s cable. The length of the Flow Charge cable extends to 1 meter or over 3 feet – making it easier for you to charge or connect with other device even from across the room.

How Flow Charge works is as interesting as how it looks. The speed of light flowing in its cable varies according to the current charge of the device. If your mobile phone, say, has less than 65% charge, you will see the flow going very fast. On the other hand, when your phone has already more than 65% to 99% charge, you will notice that the movement of the flow starts to slow down. Then when the phone reaches its full battery capacity, the flow stops to indicate that your phone is ready to use as the EL automatically shuts off to save energy.

flow-charger-androidFlow Charge is compatible to a lot of popular mobile brands today. It can be used for iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung, HTCs, Nokia, MyTouch, and many others.

Aside from charging your phone, Flow Charge is also able to sync your data with your laptop or other device. Can things get any better? Well it does. Flow Charge is budget-friendly and sells in the market for as low as $14, depending on phone compatibility.

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