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Google ChromecastIn its drive to unseat the classic kingpins in the electronic sector, Google has been successful in pitching products that may not particularly put forth anything groundbreaking and new but are quite affordable and convenient. Their newest product, Google Chromecast, is a testament to this fact; although the ability to stream content from a wireless device to your television is not anything new (Plair, Roku and Apple TV have been doing this for years), the Chromecast is practically a third of the price. Best of all, it is also more convenient, being only slightly larger than a typical USB flash drive.  By coming up with a cheaper and handier way of doing something yet again, Google is certainly proving that it is a force to be reckoned with.

chromecast insideThe Chromecast has been advertised as a straightforward ‘plug and play’ device; all you need to do is plug the device into your TV through the HDMI port, and the TV prompts you to visit the online setup and download the Chromecast setup app on your laptop or smartphone.

No complicated manual or a complete upgrade of your device to follow; catering to the average Joe, Google has simplified the process of streaming to your TV. The device itself is also the smallest one of its kind in the market – no bigger than the palm of your hand. It uses your TV’s HDMI port as a power source, so you don’t have to worry about replacing its batteries or charging it with another power adapter. The streaming quality of the Chromecast provided for an excellent viewing experience, showing that good things can come from small packages.

However, being the new kid on the block does have its disadvantages. Having just been released onto the market, the Chromecast only works with a few mobile apps – four at the moment, to be exact. Additionally, the Chromecast does not have a dedicated TV interface if you want standalone use, and does not have support for personal media on your devices. Hopefully with time, support will be provided to some of the major apps that are already supported by the more expensive competition.

google-chromecastWell, being new, we can’t really expect Chromecast to be perfect just yet. A few kinks need to be worked out and one has to keep in mind the chances of Google in providing support to more apps are quite high. In all fairness to Google, at $35 a pop, you really can’t get any better and easier for less.

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