Repel Releases Waterproof iPad Case

repel waterproof iPad caseWater sports are a lot of fun. Back in the day, however, the memories of your first dive are limited to yourself. Your digital camera can record your dive or take a picture of you as you leap from the boat ‘til your splash, but once you sink, what happens in the water stays in the water. Now that you have your iPad, would you want to waste the opportunity of recording your next dive, surf and other water activity? Not anymore! With a waterproof iPad case, you can take your iPad with you as you look at gazillion fishes, corals and other sea creatures. With your new waterproof iPad case, you can record your memory and keep it for good.

iPads have become enormously popular, thanks to their functionality. And now, even water can’t stop you from using your iPad. Using the Props REPEL waterproof folio case, your iPad 2, iPad 3 or iPad 4 will become usable even near water.

The REPEL waterproof iPad case has been certified by SGS with IPX8, which means that it is capable of continuous underwater use. This certification is also used to rate sports watches used by swimmers. The Props iPad case can submerge in water for up to 33 feet deep. The triple zipper lock ensures security, keeping your iPad safe, dry and away from the smallest particles (i.e. sands). Ride tubes in Malaysia’s Kota Kinabalu, lie down on the beaches of Thailand’s Koh Samui with half of your body sank in water, go snorkeling in the Caribbean, or just record your children playing in the pool. In any case you don’t have to worry about getting the tablet drenched in water.

When you decide to stay at the beach, you can also use the iPad case as a handy iPad stand. It even allows two viewing angles. Video your experience under the sea, then bring on the shore and watch it while lying on the sands. Moreover, when you close the cover, your iPad automatically closes, too. That’s just convenience right there!

According to online store Digital Treasures, REPEL iPad case is available in 30 days. Preorders are accepted for those who are too excited to get a hold of one of these waterproof cases. At $49.95, it may just be worth your hard-earned money. However, since it’s yet to be out in the market, there are still no user reviews available online. If you can afford to wait for legit reviews by those who have used it, then we suggest you do.

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