Send Kids Back to School with the SafeGrip for iPad Mini

These days, it’s common to see a toddler playing with an iPad like a teenager. In YouTube, several viral videos of babies getting very frustrated because their magazines won’t swipe have caught our attention. Consequently, there has been a huge increase in the number of apps dedicated solely for the little ones. It’s no surprise then that mobile accessories specifically designed for kid users have emerged – just in time for the opening of classes!

If your kid can’t get his hands off of your iPad Mini, at least make sure your tablet is well protected with a SafeGrip Case, a product by Kensington.

With kids handling your iPad Mini, there are bound to be accidents along the way. Babies, toddlers, and kids in general are not expected to handle anything with care that before you know it, your once pristine gadget has a newly-acquired ding or dent. Then there’s the usual cases of hard tapping or swiping, occasional dropping, and hard shaking. Hence, you know that your iPad Mini’s life is in danger. That’s all within the safety of your home; can you imagine if your kids and their friends gang up on your innocent iPad Mini?

Fortunately, Kensington has come up with just the perfect armor for your iPad Mini against children. The Safegrip Rugged Case and Stand for iPad Mini encases your device in a tough material which makes it resistant to drops and bangs. The case also prevents scratches to the body while also giving protection to your iPad Mini’s screen from accidental jabs and spillages. Its thick handle is ideal for gripping by little and big hands alike, and is easily twistable to transform into a stand. It also has a stylus holder which makes it easier for kids to point and swipe with accuracy. These, while also making it easier on the iPad Mini’s touch screen, as less abuse is done to it.

The SafeGrip Rugged Case and Stand also comes in eye-catching colors that makes it easily identifiable and noticeable should your iPad Mini become lost amidst a tangle of children’s arms. It also has a personalization slot where you can add indentifying labels in the off-chance that your iPad Mini gets lost.

Priced at $50, the Safegrip Rugged Case and Stand for iPad Mini is a sound investment to guarantee that your iPad Mini will have a longer life in the hands of your kids. It will also keep them safe from harm as the case ensures that the iPad Mini remains in one piece even through the usual physical abuse.

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