The MYFC Powertrekk Charges Smartphones with Water!

MYFC-Powertrekk-Water-Cell-Phone-ChargerHave you ever gone trekking for days? Have you ever camped in the mountains for a week? Have you ever traveled to a remote place where no electricity is available? If you answered yes to any of these, then you may have experienced the frustration of finding your smartphone dead while in the middle of nowhere. Don’t worry, MYFC has found a way to solve this one common issue faced by trekkers, campers and other adventure-seekers. It’s called Powertrekk, the first ever mobile charger that uses water.

Powertrekk is the latest creation of Stockholm-based fuel cell technology, MYFC, which combines hydrogen fuel cells and a Li-ion battery pack to power mobile phones. It has a charging capacity of 5.9 Wh, a rated input of 500 mA and a rated output of 1000 mA.

The water-powered charger uses a mobile-H2 cartridge called PowerPukk which consists of a non-flammable powder called sodium silicide that produces hydrogen upon getting in contact with any type (and we mean all types) of water at room temperature.

Soon as the fuel cell starts to produce power, the green LED lights up. It then flashes when the PowerPukk is out of power. This PowerPukk can be swapped even when a mobile device is connected. The tank inside the PowerPukk is filled with water and locked inside. The sodium silicide and the water then start to generate reliable electricity. Consequently, the charger’s proton exchange membrane converts hydrogen to electric power. If you see smoke, that’s just water vapor, the by-product of the entire process.

Meanwhile, if electricity is available, the PowerTrekk, being also a portable battery, can be charged via a power outlet or laptop.

MYFC said what makes the PowerTrekk a great choice is that its speedy charging is not limited by any adverse weather condition and that there is no power degradation. Moreover, it is clean energy.

This water-powered charger can charge smartphones, cameras, GPS devices and iPods via a USB connector. It’s the perfect solution for outdoor adventure seekers and people who are constantly on the go. More importantly, it is a reliable solution in cases of emergency situations such as power outages and during disasters.

Already available online, the MYFC Powertrekk will set you back $230. A pack of three PowerPukks costs $12.

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