Trego’s iPad Backpack Sends You To College In Style

Trego iPad backpack


Carrying your things along with your iPad becomes much easier with the Trego Wearable iPad Case. The Trego Wearable iPad Case is specially structured to fit tablets from iPad2 onwards. It protects it from the elements while doubling as a handy work station. The wearable case is made of tough and durable nylon with aluminum D-rings. It has industrial-grade zippers to ensure longevity and strength. It likewise easily slings over your shoulder via an adjustable strap, making your hands available for carrying lighter and more compact things.

Lugging around your academic essentials along with your personal effects can be very challenging. A single bag may not be enough for carrying your notebooks, organizers, and reference materials, in addition to your gadgets, wallet, food, and other items that you need for the day. This is especially true during hectic days of the school year. Of course, you can’t just put all of these in a single bag because you’ll have to consider our fragile items, like your iPad.

Trego iPad backpack

Interestingly, the design of the Trego Wearable iPad Case enables the front cover to open up and fold to function as a work stand. That means you are to access your device while also protecting it from certain evil elements around you. This portable work station function can also be utilized while you have the Wearable iPad Case slung over your shoulder. The multi-pocket design allows the case to also hold space for iPad accessories like styluses, keyboards, and other small items. Additionally, it can also hold your pens, keys, bills, cards, and other personal effects.

Trego iPad Backpack

Trego iPad Case has a detachable iPad case that can be removed from the wearable case and fastened through Velcro. The case also provides access to all your iPad’s ports and buttons. Multiple Velcro straps ensure that your iPad is securely fastened to the Trego while you turn your device to a full 360. Because this second case is detachable, you can enjoy your gadget away from the Trego and easily fasten it again quickly.

The Trego Wearable iPad Case retails at $79 with a 14-day risk free trial period. It is a very practical item for those constantly on the move, especially for students who use their iPads as an integral part of their school life. Its only perceived con is that it only comes in black, with two color variations available in its trim and linings.

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