International Universal Tablet USB Charger



Don’t you just get really upset when you realize that your gadget’s charger does not fit into the plug of your hotel room? You may have forgotten that electricity voltages and sockets differ from one country to another! So before you let panic set in, it is best to check out USB chargers that have been developed to make it possible for you to charge your gadget anywhere you go, whatever electric voltage your place requires.

One such device is the Go Travel international universal tablet USB charger.

This compact charger comes very handy and useful especially when you have frequent travels abroad as it claims that it can be used in over 150 countries. It is compact and relatively small – measuring 2.76 inches in height, 2.05 inches in width, and 2.68 inches in depth. This makes it very easy for you to put the USB charger inside your luggage.

Aside from eliminating your stress of figuring out how to charge your tablets with all the weird looking electrical outlets abroad, Go Travel international universal tablet USB charger gives you added convenience. The said charger allows not one but two USB compatible gadgets to be charged at the same time.

The Go Travel international universal tablet USB charger has four sliding pin selectors that allow connections to sockets of any kind, shape, and size. You just have to press the button on the side to slide out the pins that will enable you to plug it into the outlet. Wait for the pins to click into place then plug away. After charging your gadgets, simply return the pins to their original position for easy storage.

Interestingly, the manufacturer provides for a caveat. The Go Travel international universal tablet USB charger does not convert voltage so there is a need to check the voltage before using it. This caveat may not be very encouraging especially if you are not too well-versed on voltages. In other words, you will end up getting stressed because you have no idea whether your gadget will blow up or not and all you can do is take chances. Go Travel should have anticipated for this when they created this universal tablet USB charger so as not to defeat its purpose of providing convenience for users who go abroad.

Price of Go Travel international universal tablet USB charger starts at $49.00 and only comes in white.

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