Nomad ChargeKey Connects iPhones


Bringing a USB charger to work, school, or travel can oftentimes be a hassle – with its bulky body and long wires. But admit it, USB chargers have truly become a necessity today. Just imagine your smartphone or tablet running out of battery and dying on you in the middle of the day. How do you cope with that? In response to this growing need, a lot of USB chargers have been developed and sold in the market today.

Known for creating modern and minimalist accessories for smart phones, Nomad has released an incredibly small and handy USB charger, called ChargeKey. It is a portable USB cable that can be used to charge your iPhone or any other compatible gadgets via a USB port anywhere and anytime.

ChargeKey-Thin-2Why the name “ChargeKey”? Well, it is exactly the size and shape of a standard house key. It has an open loop that you can use to attach it to any keychain. The plastic loop snaps back into place after you put in the ChargeKey into your keychain, ensuring it does not fall off accidentally.

Although ChargeKey offers a hassle-free way of bringing a USB charger with you anywhere you go, be mindful that since it has disposed the idea of having long wires or cables attached to its body, you may not be able to use your gadget while it is getting juiced up. Or if you still insist on using your gadget while charging, you’d need to stay really close to the USB port so closely.

in-pileAt the same time, it can appear pretty scary because it seems you may break or bend the charger if you keep fiddling with your gadget while it is charging. However, Nomad assures users of ChargeKey that the product is durable, with its middle section designed to be flexible to allow full range of motion. The connectors of ChargeKey fit snugly into your gadget that it actually lets you hang your phone down while charging. Well, that is if you are bold enough to do it.

Sold for a pre-order price of $25, the Nomad ChargeKey will be shipped starting end of November this year.

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