QuikVolt Mobile Chargers Power Up Smartphones and Tablets

quickvolt_BrandOne of the consequences of an increasingly mobile world is an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle and, naturally, an increasing need to use mobile technology more frequently. It is for this reason that the experience of running out of battery power at severely inconvenient moments is an experience not unfamiliar to most of us. Fortunately, a device that’s swiftly gaining popularity may be able to rid us of this experience forever.

Mobile Mars, one of the leading distributors of various mobile accessories, provides a product line of mobile chargers branded QuikVolt. Also referred to as ‘power banks’, mobile chargers are accessories that let you store power that you can use to charge devices like phones, tablets, or any other device that can be charged via USB. Charge the power bank at home or during your idle time, and once its capacity is full, you can bring it with you to charge your devices in locations where a power outlet may not be available.

chargers-product-mobilemarsQuikVolt Designs

The product line comes in different designs. There are army-inspired designs, as well as more targeted designs like their collegiate mobile chargers where you can purchase a mobile charger with your school logo as the design.

Tech Specs

collegiate-usb-chargersThese mobile chargers come in different shapes and sizes with different specs and charging capacities. Some are about the size of small smartphones (like a small BlackBerry), while others are as small as long portable flash drives. Most usually come with more than one USB port, which means you can charge more than one device simultaneously. As the components are made in the US, it is compatible with the sockets we’re used to, which also means you have to bring an adapter if you want to use it for a trip abroad, for example. The input voltage of each product in the line is uniform at 5V, while the output voltage, also uniform, is at 5-5.5V. Some mobile chargers also come with auxiliary functions such as an LED flashlight, for whatever purpose you might need it.

Although each product varies in terms of capacity, generally mobile chargers are able to fully charge one smartphone successfully. Others with greater capacities can fully charge up to two. Perhaps the only downside to this convenient device is the fact that it can be a bit pricey for an ‘accessory’. All in all, the mobile charger is a great leap forward in terms of convenience, and we can expect the market to grow further in the future.

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