Wally Case iPhone Wallet


It can sometimes be an annoying experience, especially for men who do not usually carry around handbags, to store all your stuff in your pockets. The usual routine is to keep your phone/s in your front pocket/s, and your wallet at the back pocket. Thus, sitting can prove to be uncomfortable in the long term, and not to mention the fact that some studies even explored the fact that keeping a bulky wallet in your back pocket may even have implications on your posture in the long term.

Thankfully, iPhone wallets, particularly the Wally iPhone wallet, have come as a simple but neat solution to this problem.

The Wally Case iPhone Wallet allows you to store credit cards and other stuff you would put in a wallet in a neat compartment at the back of your phone without adding too much bulk to the front pocket or to your phone experience. The way the Wally iPhone wallet specifically looks is much sleeker than other iPhone wallets out there. It is made of premium leather and is sized precisely the same as an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S. It doesn’t wrap around the phone like other iPhone wallets, instead, sticks to the back of the phone using a suction type adhesive that’s quite stable. A pull tab is included so you can retrieve whatever is stored in there with ease. It’s priced at approximately $40, which is reasonable if you value compactness and sleekness.


Although the Wally iPhone wallet is a significant improvement over other products of the same nature, there are still a few quirks that need to be ironed out. For instance, the storage capacity is quite limited as a result of its compactness. It can only store up to three cards and maybe a few bills of paper money. Thus, you’d have to heavily rely on digital banking for your transactions. There’s so far no way to fix this without compromising compactness, so that’s a tradeoff that most people will have to inevitably face. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if the iPhone wallet comes in more diverse designs. It would’ve been nice if it also came in dark blue, or even other lighter colors for the personalities that aren’t too serious. Lastly, it’s still unclear what effect the adhesive will have on the surface of the phone. Although it’s suction by nature, long term use might affect the back surface of the phone.

Although it’s not a perfect product, all in all it’s still quite a refreshing improvement, especially for people who look for class in storage.

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