Accessories from Benefiting Susan G. Komen®

susan-g-komen The story of how the Komen Foundation was established never fails to inspire. In 1982, Nancy G. Brinker promised Susan G. Komen, her dying sister, that she would do everything to put an end to breast cancer. And that is how the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation came to be. Today, Komen Foundation continues its fight against breast cancer. By supporting breast cancer research and its involvement in community health outreach and campaign for the early detection and effective treatment for breast cancer, it is able to provide help to nearly 3 million breast cancer patients-turned-survivors in the United States. To fund the foundation, a number of fund-raising campaigns have been launched. One of which is the sale of mobile accessories that will benefit the foundation. This year, US Digital Media, parent company of, will donate 10% from the sales of each Susan G. Komen® mobile accessory to the organization, with a minimum guarantee donation of $25,000. What could be a better way to show support for breast cancer awareness than with fashionable mobile accessories whose proceeds  benefit a foundation fighting for the cause?

Susan G. Komen Earbuds and BudBags

banner_susuan-g-komen-budbags-mobilemars Several mobile accessories that carry the Running Ribbon, the registered trademark of Susan G. Komen, are available for sale today. For one, there are the Ignition Earbuds from AudioSpice that come in three colors – pink, black, and white. Susan-G-Komen-BudBagsThe Komen Scorch Earbuds feature a metal casing and no-tangle cables that can be easily stored in the pink BudBag branded with the Susan G. Komen logo and ribbon. BudBags benefiting Susan G. Komen let you show support  for breast cancer research while storing your earbuds and other small valuables. Made of durable canvas and fully branded with the Susan G. Komen® logo. Attach it to a key ring, backpack, or anywhere you want with the carabiner included.

USB Mobile Chargers

banner_susuan-g-komen-chargers-mobilemars Quikvolt USB Chargers are a great way to stay powered up on-the-go. There are several available styles, including a Universal USB Car Charger and a Universal USB Cell Phone Charger. Susan-G-Komen-USB-Car-ChargerThe Universal USB Car Charger is compatible with most USB charging cables. It has a dual 1 Amp/2.1 Amp USB ports. In other words, it can power up both smartphones and tablets at the same time. Just plug it into the dash and connect to your own device with its USB cables. The USB Mobile Cell Phone Charger from Quikvolt has a 2200mAH capacity for use with smartphones and other mobile gadgets, and is compatible with most USB charging cables. With a 102mm x 23.5mm x 23.5mm size, it comes very handy. It also includes an 87mm x 143mm cloth drawstring bag for its storage.Susan-G-Komen-USB-Mobile-Charger

 Susan G. Komen Cell Phone and Tablet Cases

banner_susuan-g-komen-phone-cases-mobilemars You can show support for breast cancer research and help find a cure! The official Running Ribbon Susan G. Komen cell phone cases are available in black or white. They are made for both the iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s. They are also available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. These cases are designed to keep your phone protected and show your support. banner_susuan-g-komen-tablet-cases-mobilemars The Guard Dog brand cases protect your tablets and show your support for the cause. Models are available for the iPad 2 and 3 as well as the iPad Mini.

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