DIY iPad Case: Composition Notebook

diy-ipad-caseYou’re in class and suddenly out of nowhere, it strikes you – boredom.  You know that your teacher would frown upon it or, worse, reprimand you in front of your classmates if she caught you playing with your tablet during class. But what to do in these extremely trying times? Try a DIY iPad case made from a Composition Notebook!

Luckily, Mashable has an extremely clever way to protect your iPad on campus or off. Nerd chic is in, and nothing shows off your inner note-taker than a DIY iPad case made from the iconic composition notebook. Additionally, it provides you with some simple yet stealth security for your iPad as no one would think to steal an old notebook.

Here’s how you can make your own unique iPad case from a composition notebook:

  1. Lay out your materials before you start. You will need a composition notebook or a notebook with a sturdy cover, the plastic insert that has a hole for your iPad’s power charger when you bought it, two hair ties, a headband, a Stanley knife, scissors, thread, a sewing needle, glue and a pencil.
  2. Take the pages out of the notebook.
  3. Lay the notebook and the plastic side by side, then take note of the height of the notebook on the plastic insert with your pencil.
  4. With the Stanley knife, get rid of the middle part of the plastic by cutting it out and keeping the frame.
  5. With a pair of scissors, cut out the corners but only up to the marked line as you want to keep the plastic intact.
  6. At the line that you marked, fold the plastic.
  7. Adhere the plastic to the notebook by gluing the plastic – make sure that the edges of the notebook and the plastic match up evenly.
  8. With the thread and needle, sew a hair tie around two inches from each of the two outer corners on the back side – this will provide two out of three anchors that will hold your iPad to the notebook.
  9. One centimeter to the right of the spine of the open notebook, sew a headband (you can sew through the plastic if it is necessary) – this will also anchor your iPad to the notebook.
  10. Put the excess elastic on the bottom between the two stitches.
  11. Slip your iPad into the notebook and never be bored in class ever again!

Good luck!

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