iPhone Multi-Tool Case From In1Case Gets EVERY Job Done


If you were caught in the middle of nowhere with nothing but your iPhone, you probably won’t survive. Just imagine what else you can do once your battery light starts to blink. I bet you can’t do anything. But what if you have an iPhone case that’s equally exciting as your iPhone? What if your case can do more wonders than merely cover and protect your phone? Just like this IN1 case – an iPhone case Swiss knife!

Even if you are not into outdoor activities like mountain climbing and camping, you’ll still find a lot of use in the IN1 case. This multi-tool iPhone case has been innovatively designed to become the ultimate phone protector. It literally functions like a Swiss knife, with several tools inserted at the back of the case.

in1caseAlthough the tools are not the same size as your usual Victorinox, they look really useful. Well, it’s not as if you can imagine they will all fit in if they are in the usual size (you have to wait for the tablet version, I guess!). The tools included are a blue pen, a red pen, a polycarbonate casing, a Phillip’s screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, a pair of scissors, an iPhone kickstand (for comfortable hands-free viewing), a toothpick, a nail file, and tweezers. Each tools serves a purpose and that’s what makes this a really good buy.

Obviously, the IN1 iPhone case is meant for the survivor. If you get caught in an island, it’s going to be very useful. Some tools are really unsavory so you need to be more careful when using them. The kickstand and the toothpick are looking a little dangerous.

Unfortunately, there is no knife in the multi-tool iPhone case. So after all, it’s not complete. But it could be because the designer is just making sure that the user can still safely enter airports with their case.

To use, simply slide the tools from the back. Don’t forget to properly insert them so you don’t lose a thing.

The 1N1 case is sold at the company’s website for $45. They apparently come in multi-color, clear, white and black versions. The see-through one allows you to see the tools tucked at the back of the case.

Information about its weight, unfortunately, is not available so while the iPhone case is multifunctional, we are not sure if it is also portable. In any case, IN1 made sure that the accessory is TSA compliant.

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