JBL Plug and Play Pebbles Mobile Speakers

jbl_pebbles_speakers_2Many speakers today may either have good sound quality but look too plain boring, or they may look fabulous but sound terrible. So if you are one of those who want a sleek looking speaker that produces impressive audio quality with a low price to boot, you can check out Pebbles, JBL’s new set of plug and play stereo speakers.

PEBBLESBut first, we can’t help but ask – why the name “Pebbles”? Well, a good guess would probably be because of its circular shape that makes it look much like a pebble. Some would argue however that it looks like a shell, while some others say it’s like a snail. But whether or not it looks like a pebble, a shell or a snail matters little because it definitely looks handsome as it is.

The compact USB powered JBL Pebbles speakers can either be laid flat or made to stand, depending on your mood. Either way, they would sound great anyway. They have an attractive curved design with a unique-looking volume control that is shaped like a disc. Amazingly, the volume control can actually sync with your computer’s volume so you need not adjust the volume on the computer and speaker separately.

With a 50mm driver, each Pebbles speaker has a built-in DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) which has a response of 80Hz to 20kHz. Pebbles speakers can support 16-bit 48 kHz audio, which may be slightly lower than other speakers but still, they produce quality sound. Using digital signal processing, the JBL Pebbles speakers come with JBL’s patented SlipStream Technology for optimal audio quality and deliver outstanding bass sound.

The Pebbles speakers are powered by a desktop or notebook through USB, and no external power adapter is needed. Plus, the speakers have a built-in cable management so that you do not get stressed possible cable clutter.

Another interesting feature of the JBL Pebbles speakers is its AUX-in port for your MP3 player or smartphone. This means that you can bring and use your speakers to pretty much anywhere and anytime. Of course, you have to make sure that your MP3 player or smartphone has enough battery charge to keep your speakers working.

JBL Pebbles speakers are available in various colors and will set you back for $59.

JBL is a brand under HARMAN, which is known for the wide range of audio solutions it designs, manufactures, and markets worldwide. So far, more than 25 million vehicles today are equipped with Harman audio systems.

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