Mipwr Dynamo Hand-Pump iPhone Case and Charger


Back in the day, we associated science with those glasses-wearing mastermind geeks that spent their free time in the chemistry lab. Being a science and technology lover was social suicide. However, the future has arrived and science and technology is cool now. So don’t be afraid to embrace your scientific side or bat your eyelashes at a so-called in physics class.

We’re not saying that the makers behind Mipwr Dynamo are nerds, but they’ve definitely come up with something that attests to the fact that science is indeed cool. The Mipwr Dynamo looks like an iPhone case but is actually a hand-pump charger which uses electromagnetic induction to charge your iPhone 4 or 4S (a prototype is being made for the iPhone 5 and 5S). No external power supply is needed, which is great for anyone on-the-go when their battery is starting to run low.

So how does this work exactly? Simply put your iPhone in the protective case and when your battery is running low, take out the concealed push level and pump it to charge your phone. The pumping causes the magnet inside the case to spin, thereby creating energy which transforms into voltage that charges your phone.

The concept came from the notion that you never know when an emergency will hit and you might not be able to charge your phone and let your friends and family know that you’re safe. A natural disaster, for example, may keep you from finding a reliable power source for a few days. From this, the idea for “Cranky” was born which would come to the rescue when you’ve exhausted your other sources (power outlets, power banks, etc.).

The case will come with a 400 mA battery so that you will be able to charge it to give you two extra hours of talk time when your iPhone’s battery goes kaput. Once you go through the backup battery, one minute of pumping will give you 30 seconds of talk or text – just enough to make that emergency call or text to let a loved one know that you are okay.

At the moment, the idea of the Mipwr Dynamo is being brought to life by a Kickstarter campaign. With an introductory pledge of $25 but a long way from the goal of $78,000, Mipwr Dynamo needs to pump its pledges so that we can have the power when the situation calls for it.

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