Monster Watts Qi Small Mobile Chargers



Wireless charging for mobile devices is appealing. Tangle-free and wall outlet-independent, it’s a plus-plus alternative to the more standard charging options for your favorite mobile devices. For Samsung, it’s a mixed bag. While the company allows wireless charging for its mobile devices, namely the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S3, and the Galaxy Note 2, you would have to buy a wireless charging kit for them that would involve outfitting your smartphone with a new back. For those who don’t want to sacrifice slim design for wireless charging capabilities or just want to control spending, the MonsterWatts Qi Wireless Charger offers the switch to wireless without breaking the bank.

Galaxy-S4-wireless-Charger-KitMonsterWatts Qi Wireless Charger offers Samsung smartphone users the chance to switch to wireless charging without having to add on the bulky official wireless charging kit. Even though the MonsterWatts charger is a third-party kit, it is Qi compatible, meaning that it will work with a majority of other Qi wireless chargers. It’s able to stay in between the space between the back cover and the phone and is able to charge regardless of whether you’re using a soft or hard case. It’s compatible with the recent Galaxy releases to eliminate any need for second-guessing.

But, the best feature the MonsterWatts charger has may be that it still lets you use your phone’s original case. The same couldn’t be said for Samsung’s official wireless charger kit, which keeps you from using a number of cases for the Galaxy S4 because of the new back that it requires for successful installation. The MonsterWatts charger is especially useful for owners of the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 who live within the confines of the U.S. market. Unlike owners of the Galaxy 4, owners of these Samsung smartphones have no choice but to opt for third-party wireless chargers; Samsung did not release official versions of each model’s wireless charger into the U.S. market.

The only thing really setting back the MonsterWatts Qi Wireless Charger is the fact that it is currently backordered due to high demand. If you’re willing to wait for a couple of weeks or maybe a month to get your hands on one, then you can go ahead and order. For the $50 it will cost you in the end, it is worthwhile buy. For those who can wait, there other third-party wireless chargers available on Amazon and Newegg. However, unlike the MonsterWatts charger, they are only compatible with one model at a time.

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